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Felt baskets, office storage box and wooden basket with insert of Susanne Bank

The Buyer’s favourite decorative storage boxes


Category: Storage

Tags: Baskets

Imagine the home of Homeware Category Manager at JYSK, Susanne Bank: Tidy and well organised with everything in its place in boxes or baskets. Susanne laughs and says: “Well I do like my storage solutions... Decorative storage boxes are perfect for keeping throws close by the sofa, for your knitting, the children’s toys, belts or socks and everything in between. This season we have three decorative storage boxes that I want give a special mention.” 


Office storage box in FSC certified paper, scented candle and jar on a gold coloured tray

“FJORDUR is a very practical storage box,” Susanne begins. “It has the same dimensions as an A4 paper so it is perfect for the office, but you can also use it in your closet, for love letters or on the shelf for chargers or power banks. It is all up to you.”

FJORDUR storage box has handles that makes it easy to move around. The khaki coloured surface is fabric-like but the box is in fact made out of FSC® labelled recycled paper (FSC® N001715). “The combination of the leather look on the handles and the feminine colours is a new way of doing an old classic and I like to think of this storage box as a little celebration of life at home,” says Susanne. 



Felt basket set, white vase and battery lamp on a table

GRIMUR is a four piece felt basket set that is dark grey on the outside and brown on the inside. “The colour combination is very sophisticated, I think,” says Susanne.

“GRIMUR consists of one large, one medium and two small baskets. You can use the big one to keep hold of the three others, but the felt is rather stiff and keeps its shape so you can also the baskets separately. Organise your pens and erasers in them or maybe your ribbons and hairbands. With the natural material and the organic shape GRIMUR is perfect if you find yourself longing for something real, uncomplicated and long lasting,” adds Susanne.  


Wooden basket with a throw and a green floor vase under a bench

“Finally I would like to highlight our new basket HJALMER,” says Susanne. “Like ABEL, another of our popular baskets, it is made out of thin strips of cedar wood and is perfect for throws or toys that you don’t want lying around in the living room. I like the raw material and the way it makes me feel connected to nature. With the woven surface, it is a perfect example of how a product with a crafted look takes us back to more simple times and can provide us with a sense of calm,” finishes Susanne before leaving us dreaming of  mugs of hot coffee and relaxed evenings by the fireplace.

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