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university checklist and key items

University checklist and essentials

Flying the nest can seem like a new adventure or even perhaps a little daunting, but it is always exciting to style a whole new bedroom in your uni digs. From new bedding, to home accessories to really make your uni home your own, we have got it all here at JYSK.

What will you need in your university bedroom?

The essentials are your basic items that you will need. From pillows to sheets, to maybe even a bedside table? Consider purchasing a 3 in 1 duvet to switch between the warmth of your university halls, where more often that not your bills are included. To then needing a thicker duvet when you move into your own house. Team with colourful and bright bedding to personalise your room and really make it your own.

Essential items for University

Right, now you have your bedding, what's next? You will probably have plenty of room under your bed, therefore make the most of it for storage. Use wide, low boxes, preferable with wheels so that you can roll the boxes easily under your bed. Don't forget key items such as a laundry basket, storage boxes for stationery and blackout blinds for when you don't have a 9am lecture.

Make your room your own

Often, when you first start university you will be living in halls or some kind of dormitory accommodation, therefore it may be a little difficult to make your new home personal. However, you can style your bedroom however you like with easy and practical home accessories such as decorative boxes, vases, candles and even a picture noticeboard to display photos of your favourite home memories.

Cosy up your space with plenty of affordable cushions and throws, especially useful during the winter months.

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