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picture wall and photo wall ideas

Tips for getting a picture wall right

There are an infinite number of different options when it comes to decorating your walls. Whether you're into prints, graphic illustrations or family photographs, you can find inspiration to create your very own personal picture wall.

When creating a decorative wall it's vital to create one that suits you and the style of your home. A combination of various kinds of styles can work well in many homes, whereas a picture wall acquires a more consistent look.

Picture walls – an idea for creative interior design

A decorative wall in your home is also your chance to show off your own expression and originality. Pictures on a wall quickly provide a creative, colourful input in a room. A picture wall with various print, photos and frame can be a great creative project, in which you also get the opportunity to put your creative skills to the test.

Picture wall ideas and inspiration with JYSK

Create your very own, nostalgic photo wall

A photo wall is a creative and personal way of displaying your photos and illustrations. Mix and match sizes of photos, people in the photos and locations to create a personal touch to your wall, whilst keeping all of your memories together in one place.

Ideas for choosing pictures

The question of which pictures will best suit your room is entirely up to you. Various factors can be involved: for example, style, space and, of course, price. Some people favour colourful graphic illustrations and pictures, while other people are more into black-and-white, more minimal prints.

You can find your pictures online and print them out yourself, or choose quirk art and photos you find in a store. It is also very much about the amount of money you want to spend on your new wall collage.

Find an exciting selection of coloured or black-and-white pictures that suit the style you want on your wall.

Picture wall with frames from JYSK

Putting pictures and illustrations together

It's important to create some consistency between your pictures and graphic illustrations. What works best is consistency, so try not to mix together too many expressions and designs.

Best way to hang pictures on the wall

Whether you are into straight, minimalist picture walls or more random configurations can depend on your individual taste and personality. Whatever kind of picture arrangement you prefer, it's a good idea to attempt to have some consistency in your composition to ensure a harmonious picture wall.

One idea might be to try and create some lines, so that your pictures are level either horizontally or vertically. Another idea might involve choosing the same colour for all of your frames or to go for a common theme.

Dark or light picture frames

The colour of your picture frames has a bearing on the depth of your picture wall, not to mention the overall impression the wall gives and its coherence with the rest of the room. A dark or black frame highlights a picture, whereas a light frame makes the picture flow out more.

Another option is to buy some wood-coloured frames, which you can then paint yourself in a specific colour. This makes your frames more personal and more creative. Furthermore, think about a gold frame or one with flowers for a really original look.

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