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VADEHAVET single daybed

In the spotlight: VADEHAVET single daybed

When it’s pouring cats and dogs and you just want to daydream, staring at the falling rain - why not do it in style? Say hello to the newest wood daybed in our assortment, VADEHAVET, that looks amazing right there by the window.

VADEHAVET is an excellent example of elegant, Nordic minimalism. The simplicity and functionality makes it fit perfectly into any décor.

VADEHAVET’s frame and legs are made out of FSC® certified solid oak. This means that the wood originates from responsible forestry, where no more trees are felled than the forest can naturally replace. The seat is fade resistant polyester straps and we have paid attention to every little detail and made sure that there are no visible screws in the simple and elegant construction.

If you want to soften up the expression a bit, just style the daybed with cute cushions and warm throws – and turn it into a light sofa.

VADEHAVET presents itself nicely from all angles, so you can place it anywhere you want. It looks beautiful in front of a window section, where it can really anchor the room without blocking the view.

It does double duty as a lovely piece of décor, a sofa bed for a quick afternoon nap and as a place where you can display your prettiest throws and cushions.

Daybeds are stylish, comfortable and very versatile. A daybed takes up less space than a sofa and allows for a certain freedom in your décor. It is both chic and useful: You can place it in your bedroom and guestroom as a spot to lay your clothes or to put on shoes.  If your living room needs more seating where you can doze away the afternoon, a daybed is perfect. Or you can place it in your hall, the office or anywhere else that you feel the need for a classy piece of furniture.

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Where are you going to place your daybed? Let us know in the comments.


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