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Woman sleeping in bed with dark grey bed linen

Sleeping positions: The best mattress for side sleepers, back and stomach sleepers

Your preferred sleeping position dictates the type of mattress you should choose. When you choose the right mattress, you'll wake up feeling more rested and refreshed. 

In this article, we will help you determine which type of mattress is best for your preferred sleeping position. 

Which mattress should you choose for your sleeping position? 

Over the course of any given night, you will lie in many different positions. So why is it important to choose a mattress based on sleeping position? 

When we talk about sleeping positions, it's really about the position you initially fall asleep in. It's the position that allows you to relax your muscles in order to fall into a deep sleep as quickly as possible so that you will wake as rested as possible.

In general, sleeping positions can be divided into three categories:

  • Back sleeping
  • Side sleeping 
  • Stomach sleeping

Best mattress for side sleepers

When you lie on your side, your mattress should have soft hip and shoulder zones in order to give you the best support and keep your spine straight.  

Best mattress for back sleepers

When you sleep on your back, your mattress should give you the support that your lower back needs. This type of mattresses typically doesn’t have the deep shoulder zones as they will make back sleepers sink too far into the mattress, and cause a sore neck and lower back. When you sleep on your back, you need support in your lumbar area and neck. 

Best mattress for stomach sleepers

There are no real health advantages of sleeping on your stomach. In fact, there are a number of problems associated with stomach sleeping. 

If you sleep on your stomach, it could be a sign that your mattress is either too firm or too soft and isn't a good fit for your body.

"Our backs simply aren't built for us to sleep on our stomachs for a whole night." 
– Peter, Category Manager, JYSK 

If you sleep on your stomach, it's a good idea to start looking into buying a new mattress. The best mattress for stomach sleepers is one that helps you change position.

Which mattress is best for which sleeping position?





Which mattress to choose

A mattress that is firm or extra firm

A mattress with a medium firmness

Find a mattress that improves comfort when sleeping on your back or on your side


Prevents neck and back pain, reduces acid reflux

Reduces snoring
Good during pregnancy



Increases likelihood of snoring

Pressure on shoulders

Not optimal sleeping position
Creates pressure on your back, lumbar area and neck 

Mattress support needs

Lower back support

Support for shoulders and hips

Stomach sleeping indicates that your current mattress is either too firm or too soft

Get more tips on choosing the right mattress.

Why is it important to sleep well? 

The faster you fall into a deep sleep and relax your body, the more you reduce the risk of having a bad night's sleep that can negatively affect your overall health. 

There's a difference between merely sleeping and sleeping well. When you sleep well, you wake up feeling rested and refreshed in both body and mind.