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Room divider ideas and inspiration

Room divider ideas for small spaces

If you live in a small place and could use another room, a room divider might be the perfect solution for you. You can use a room divider to divide a single room into new rooms or living zones. Read on to get some great room divider ideas for small spaces.

Inspiring ideas to divide your room

Using a room divider is a great way to get the most out of a room, and an inexpensive alternative to putting up a full wall. A room divider can give your open room a more cosy feel, or it can be a great option to separate a shared child’s room.

A room divider can also be used to create a nice office space in a living room or hallway. Once you’ve separated the space with a room divider, you can work undisturbed. Finally, a room divider can give your bedroom an updated look - add to your bedroom next to your wardrobe to create a private dressing room.

Using a bookcase as a room divider

Deciding how to divide a room can be challenging. You will want to choose a divider that is the right size and can be used for different purposes. Regardless of what room you need to divide, using a bookcase is always a classic solution on how to divide a room. The beauty of using a bookcase is that you also get extra storage space.

TIP: Choose an open shelf to lightly divide the room and an enclosed cabinet for a more firm division of the space. If you buy a bookcase with a back panel, you can cover the back with decorative wallpaper, making it appear similar to a real wall.

Room divider ideas with JYSK

Use a clothing rack as a room divider

A clothing rail used as a room divider provides you with two benefits – your room gets divided and, you get storage for your clothes. This solution is particularly good for the bedroom, as the rail can also work as a separator to create your own dressing room space.

TIP: If you choose to let your clothes act as a room divider, sorting the clothes by colour will look neater and more refined.

Clothes rails and room dividers from JYSK

Using a hanging room divider

For a light and airy division of a room, you can choose a hanging room divider. The hanging room divider can easily be created by using a curtain pole and a long curtain. The benefit of this room divider idea is that it doesn't take up floor space.

TIP: Instead of hanging a curtain on a curtain rod to divide your room, you can hang clothing. This then transforms your room into a bedroom, and a dressing room.

Using a screen as room divider

A great room divider idea is a screen. If you are looking for an easy and flexible solution for room division, a dressing screen is the perfect choice for you. If you often rearrange your home, or if you are in doubt about where to place your room divider, using a lightweight screen is an ideal and affordable solution.

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