Scandinavian Design Storage: Clothes Rails

If you're short on space and can't fit in a wardrobe - take a leaf out of Scandinavian design and choose a simplistic yet functional clothes rail. Not only do clothes rails provide a good overview of your clothes, but you can also store your shoes at the bottom. Use a clothes rack in your walk-in wardrobe or on display in your bedroom and hallway. A clothes rack is also a very good option in a room with sloping walls. It provides good space for shoes behind the rack and gives the feel of a walk-in wardrobe. 

A freestanding clothes rack is convenient, versatile, and functional for displaying your clothes. Minimalistic, straightforward, and budget-friendly, a clothes rack has become a favored choice for contemporary and frugal homes. Combine it with our hangers to turn your cluttered floor space into a fashionable clothing rail wardrobe today.

Our selection of clothes rails are available in various materials including metal and wood - they all include at least one pole or railing to hang your carefully selected items of clothing. You can choose from clothes rails with wheels or without for those suited to a new permanent placement within your home.  

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Five of our stylish storage ideas include: 

  • Baskets and boxes for small items.
  • Lift your storage off the floor.
  • Sliding doors provide more storage space.
  • Multi-functional furniture storage options.
  • Clothes rack for room dividers and storage.