Hangers that help keep order in your wardrobe

You will find a large selection of practical clothes hangers, so it will be easier to keep order in your wardrobe. We have both modern hangers in metal and the more classic ones, which are made of wood or plastic. If your hangers are to be hung on a clothes rack , you can choose between wooden hangers, metal hangers and velvet hangers, depending on what best suits the stand. At JYSK, we offer hangers in neutral colors such as white, grey, black and light wood, so it should be easy to find a clothes hanger for your needs and style.

Coat hangers for clothes rails or wardrobes

Which hangers should you choose? Matching wooden hangers in oak or white complete a clothes rail and give it a polished look to display in your bedroom or hallway. Velvet hangers have a non-slip quality and are useful for silky shirts and blouses.

For inside your wardrobe opt for lightweight plastic or metal coathangers to help make the most of your storage space.

Do you share a wardrobe with a partner? Use different coloured hangers, such as black or white, to make it easy to see whose clothes are whose.