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Stack of sweaters and wardrobe with sliding doors

Maintaining your wardrobe

It is more clear than ever that we need to take good care of our planet. The wardrobe is a good place to start if you want to live more climate friendly: With a better overview of the clothes that you have, chances are that you will actually use them. Here are our top tips on how to become an awesome wardrobe organiser - and a few tips to take better care of your clothes:

Wardrobe storage ideas

The easiest trick to getting your wardrobe to look organised is to get matching hangers.

Next, keep track of your wardrobe by organising your clothes first in categories, then in colour. Hang shirts together and organise them from light to dark, from left to right. Then go on with trousers etc.

More tips to tidy up your house

Don’t toss your shoe boxes. They protect your shoes from dust and are easy to stack. Put a picture of the shoes on the outside of the box, so you know what’s inside.

Get a wardrobe that matches your style. If you mostly dress informally in sweaters and t-shirts, you need lots of shelves. If you wear business suits every day, you need a hanger bar for your jackets, dresses etc. Baskets are a perfect place to store socks, scarves and other smaller items.

If your wardrobe is still a bit overwhelming, it is time to cut down on your clothes. For each t-shirt, dress or cardigan, ask yourself: “If I were shopping today, would I buy this, knowing what I know now (that the t-shirt doesn’t really fit or that the cardigan is itchy)?” If the answer’s no, out it goes.

If you need more help downgrading your wardrobe, focus on keeping the basic essentials: A white tee, a black dress, jeans, a knee-length skirt etc.

Washing advice

In general, it is a good idea to wash your clothes less than you usually do. The washing process is tough on clothes and can damage them. Unless it is visibly dirty or smelly, you don’t need to wash your clothes after each wearing. Always wash delicate clothes in a laundry bag on a gentle program and wash woollen sweaters by hand. Life hack: Use a salad sling to squeeze out the water and flat dry them to keep them from stretching.

If you do buy new…

Getting vintage clothes is a great way of renewing your wardrobe while at the same time keeping your carbon footprint at a minimum. If your new vintage finds have that certain odour, pour some vodka in a spray bottle and spritz it on the clothes. As the alcohol evaporates, the odour will too.

Other wardrobe hacks

Don’t your shoes fit anymore? Fill two waterproof plastic bags with water and put them in your shoes. Put the shoes (incl. the water-filled plastic bags) in the freezer. As the water freezes, it will gently expand your shoes.

When you are ironing, cover up any delicate buttons or details with the bowl of a metal spoon and press the surrounding fabric.

Remember to let your freshly ironed shirt hang for five minutes before putting it on. Otherwise, new crinkles will reappear on it.

Do you have any other tips for a more sustainable but fashionable lifestyle? Let us know in the comments.


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