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sofa buying guide

How to choose the right sofa

There are so many options when it comes to choosing a new sofa, and you need to consider many questions when first deciding which sofa is best for you. Where will the sofa be positioned? What will it mainly be used for? What material should your new sofa be made of?

We have devised a sofa guide with tips on what you need to bear in mind when investing in a new living room furniture piece.

What do you require from a sofa?

When choosing a new sofa, you should think about how you prefer to use your sofa. If what you like doing best is sitting and drinking coffee whilst chatting to friends and family, then choose a sofa with a high back. If you're more into lounging on a sofa, then you should go for a sofa with extra depth and soft cushions. 

Also consider if you will be using your sofa as a place for guests to sleep as well. Perhaps a sofabed is a better option for you.

How big should your sofa be?

A corner sofa, a 2-seater or 3-seater sofa or something completely different? Once again, that depends entirely on your needs. If you need space for the entire family, then a sofa with a chaise longue is a perfect solution, providing extra room for cosiness up in the living room.

A new sofa for a small living room

If you're looking for a new sofa for a small living room, you should go for a 2-seater sofa with high legs. The legs will create a lighter ambience in your living room. Also consider going for a bright-coloured sofa, as darker colours have a tendency to ‘steal’ the light in a room, therefore making the room seem smaller.

Choosing a 2 seater sofa for a small living room

What material should your sofa be in?

The billion-dollar question is usually: “Should it be a fabric or a leather sofa?”. Both materials have their advantages. Below, we have compiled a number of advantages and disadvantages regarding sofas in leather and fabric.

Achieve a more luxurious style with a leather sofa

A leather sofa can provide a more luxurious look to a living room. Not only can a leather sofa appear more luxurious but they can be more practical and easier to maintain. One quick wipe with a damp cloth can often get rid of most stains and spillages. However, a disadvantageous is that a leather sofa can seem cold to sit on during a winters day, but also sticky to sit on in summer.

Go for a fabric sofa for unique design options

Fabric sofas come in a huge variety of materials: plastic, synthetic fibre or natural fibre. There is an abundance of colour combinations and design options, making a fabric sofa a versatile choice for many homes. A fabric sofa that has been treated with fabric protector is also a durable choice and a long-lasting sofa solution. These sofas can seem a bit cosier but are often more difficult to clean than leather sofas.

Choose between 2 and 3 seater sofas from JYSK

Where to position the sofa in a living room?

The available space, the inflow of light and the layout of a living room are just some of the issues to bear in mind when deciding on where to position your sofa. Direct sunlight affects sofas, and fades even the most colourful sofas, therefore it's a good idea to avoid positioning your sofa in direct sunlight.

Tip: You can use masking tape to measure how much space a new sofa will occupy in a room. This will provide you with a better indication of whether there is enough space in your living room for the sofa of your dreams!

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