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Three different types of home office desks and office chairs

Guide: Choice of home office desk

What desk is the right office desk? The answer depends on the space that you have available, what you are going to use the desk for and what style you like. In this guide we show you some of the different options at JYSK.

To begin with, consider what size of desk is right. If you use the desk for work and need room for both a monitor, mouse and keyboard the desk should be as deep as possible, but no less than 60 cm. If you have more than one monitor also consider how wide the desk is. If you have two monitors, you need a desk that is at least 140 cm wide. Finally there is the height. Most desks are around 75 cm high, but if you like standing up every once in a while, an adjustable height desk is the desk for you. We have one available in two colourways: STAVANGER which has a max height of 85 cm.  

Adjustable height desk in black

Desk with storage

When you are shopping for home office furniture, it is always a good idea to consider storage solutions. Do you need a desk with storage or a drawer unit for your new working space or home office? Some desks have built in drawers, like for example STEGE.

Small white desk with drawers and a white office chair by a black wall

Other desks have storage space like a shelf under the table top and some have a combination, like TRAPPEDAL.

: Small desk with storage room and drawer by a window

The drawers can also be located on the side of the table, so you have more space for your legs and more storage space - as is the case with the BILLUND desk that also has a small cabinet.

Desk with small side cabinet and drawer
Desk BILLUND 53x120 white/oak
£119.99 /each
Save 37%

Simple and elegant desks

If you like a simple look for your home office, or if you don’t have a storage need, AABENRAA is a beautiful desk with a small tray underneath the table top.

Desk with black metal legs and grey office chair

Another option is VANDBORG which is slightly wider and deeper than AABENRAA, but still with a very elegant look.

Desk and dining chair by a grey wall

Gaming desk

If you are (or your child is) an eager gamer, a gaming desk like LANGHOLM is the right choice for you. In addition to its computer desk characteristics, it looks cool with built in LED lights and with the cup holder you minimise the risk of spilling liquids into your electrical equipment.

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Gaming desk with LED lights and cup holder


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