Height Adjustable Desks

Raised lowering tables are much more than just a desk for the office. A raised lowering table can easily provide a more comfortable working day with the possibility to vary your working position. Buy a table that can be adjusted in height so that you can easily change positions and take care of your back at the same time. Regardless of whether you're looking for a large raised lower table in white or a small black raised lower table, you'll find it at JYSK. Choose between an electric raised and lowered table, a raised and lowered table in FSC® Mix or why not choose a wireless height-adjustable table with wheels? A small manually raised lowering table can be the best investment for an office with less space.

See our entire online selection of office furniture and find the one that best suits your needs. A gaming chair or office chair is the perfect match for a raised lower table.


Why choose a raise and lower table?

Working in front of a computer screen - at home or in the office is a demanding task. You must sit ergonomically correctly so that you can optimize your hours in front of the computer screen. There are many more advantages to a folding table than just a varied working position:

  • Change working position easily and quickly
  • Increase blood circulation in the body by changing positions
  • Stand up or sit down while you work
  • Adjust to the height that suits you

Advantages of adjustable desks 

An office job is usually equal to many hours in front of the computer screen. Therefore, you must sit ergonomically correctly, and make sure to vary your working position several times during the day. You can do this easily with a height-adjustable desk, having the freedom to raise and lower your workspace to allow you to sit and stand comfortably all day long. At JYSK you'll find adjustable desks with steel frames and a veneer tabletop in black and white. We've listed just a few of the benefits of using a standing desk.

  1. Standing desks can reduce back pain.
  2. Standing up whilst working can help you to burn more calories during the day.
  3. Standing desks can help to improve your mood.
  4. Standing increases your productivity.