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Metal garden planters, grey garden planters and tall garden planters

Guide: Choice of Garden Planters

Before you choose your new garden planter, consider where the container will be located so that you are sure to select the proper size, shape, material, and style. Let us guide you through so you can make the right choice.

Garden planter size

First consider what plants you want on your balcony or patio, and how big they are and can possibly get. It is a good idea to start with a planter that is larger than the plant, so it has room to grow.

Garden bench with a fern in a metal garden planter

Also think about the roots of the plant. They typically need space similar to the size of the plant over ground.

Garden planter shape

Square garden planters allow you to arrange your pots neatly. You can use them to line a pathway, or to mark a specific area on the patio or an entrance. Square garden planters can be placed very close to one another, which makes it easier to water the plants without spilling.

Tall garden planters in a row by a wall
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Raised planters can create a modern, light, and airy expression on your patio or balcony. They are ideal for plants with long leaves or vines such as ivy because the plant can grow for a long period before it meets the floor.

Raised planters on a large balcony

Planters with a narrow mouth tend to retain moisture, preventing the plant from drying out. However, they can be a bit difficult to handle when you want to transplant the plant.

Two grey garden planters on a rug

Garden planter material

The garden planter material is crucial to the weight of the garden planter. Do you plan to move the planters around on your patio or balcony? In that case it is a good idea to get some planters that are light weight, such as wicker or plastic.

Two square garden planters

If it is very windy where you live, or if you have children that play on the patio or balcony, consider some garden planters that are heavier and harder to knock over.

Tall garden planters and low garden planters on a large balcony

Garden planter height

Tall planters can be easier to water and can also be used as “room dividers”, that can separate a lounge area from a dining area or a play area. With tall garden planters, you can create a cosy little nook, sheltered from the wind.

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Tall garden planter on a wooden patio
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Garden planter style

Planters and plants are the icing on the cake when it comes to your patio or balcony décor. They create a vibrant, dynamic look, and if you mix and match your garden planters, you can contribute even more to this expression.

Lush balcony garden with planters in different sizes, shapes and materials


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