Solar lights and lamp are both decorative and energy-saving. Use them to create a cosy atmosphere on the balcony, or to light up the driveway and garden when it is dark. When buying a solar lights, don't worry about wires because the lamp can be easily moved around the garden to provide light where you need it. At JYSK you can buy decorative lanterns and small lamps for the garden table, or solar cell lamps on spears for placement in the grass or garden bed, in black plastic, stainless steel, copper or glass. Explore here on the site and find a great deal. 

    Create a cosy atmosphere with solar lights for your outdoor space

    Take the easy approach to outdoor lighting by exploring JYSK’s stylish selection of solar garden lights.

    If you can plan your garden lights from scratch, you’d probably include a mix of mains- and solar-powered light sources, as well as candle lanterns and tea lights so you’d always have the perfect lighting to suit every mood. If you want to give your garden an instant lift, though, solar lights are an easy option. Simply choose your preferred style – at JYSK we have lots to choose from – and put them in position. The inbuilt solar cells capture light during the daytime and then release it when darkness falls, creating soft pools of illumination – perfect at the edge of a path, for instance.

    You’re sure to find outdoor solar lights to suit your tastes – from classic ground stakes to faux rocks and lantern-style glass bowls. An affordable way to make a big impression!