Illuminate your garden with outdoor lighting

Garden lanterns offer a charming and versatile lighting solution. They can be enjoyed daily throughout the outdoor season, casting a warm glow as the sun sets. When hosting a garden party, lamps and lanterns instantly create a captivating atmosphere and provide lighting well into the night.

You can get creative with placement and decoration. Place a lantern with flickering candles at your front door for a welcoming touch, or hang lanterns and LED lamps from tree branches, creating an enchanting effect. Our collection offers lamps and lanterns to suit every taste, available in various sizes and materials such as bamboo, willow, hardwood, metal, plastic, and glass.

Illuminate your garden with lanterns 

Embrace the simplicity and beauty of garden lamps and lanterns as they shed light on your outdoor living space, setting the stage for unforgettable moments under the starry sky.

To achieve the desired effect, consider a mix of lighting options that best suit your space. Combine the convenience of solar-powered lights with the timeless allure of garden lanterns, allowing you to create a truly enchanting and welcoming outdoor environment.

Mix lanterns with planters 

Placing a lantern or battery-powered lamp amongst a cluster of planters creates an effective look. The glow of the candlelight flickering will cascade shadows off the planters creating enchanting shapes around your outdoor space. Using lanterns with planters in the corner spaces of your garden or patio draws attention to these areas as the night draws in, it highlights what would be dark corners and makes your space appear larger. 

How to choose your garden lanterns 

With so much choice it can be hard to decide the aesthetic of your garden, so why not add accessories such as lanterns. Firstly, you'll need to decide on the vibe you want to create - does your garden have a Zen feel? Then you'll probably want to choose our lanterns inspired by oriental and Moroccan designs - a classic glass frame with a bell top handle. If you've got a more modern space, why not incorporate a selection of our black steel and plastic lamps and lanterns into your outdoor space? Finally, if you have a flourished garden, brimming with tropical plants and oriental grasses you should explore our range of bamboo lanterns which would look right at home.