Artificial Outdoor Plants

When the garden or balcony needs to be spruced up into a green oasis, it can be done in many ways. Artificial outdoor plants are an easy and long-lasting solution for your garden or balcony, where you don't have to worry about watering or pruning. Artificial plants for the outdoors are the perfect choice for those who want a green environment with minimal effort. At JYSK, we have a wide range of beautiful and lifelike artificial plants outdoors, which give a nice look next to your garden furniture

Artificial plants that can be outside

Everyone has a place in the garden, on the balcony, or on the terrace, where it is a bit of a hassle to create a green oasis. This may be because there is too much shade or sun or there is no water. In some places, it is windy, which makes it difficult to decorate with plants and flowers. Here, artificial plants can be a great help. Make it easy for yourself and decorate your outdoor living space with artificial outdoor plants:
Artificial garden plants are also great as room dividers on the terrace. If you have the luxury of a large outdoor space, then use garden planters to separate your lounge area from the dining area.

How to clean artificial plants

Artificial plants don’t need water or fertilizer and won’t drop leaves when a draft comes in, but fake plants still need care to keep them looking good.  Especially dust will quickly become your main issue when it comes to fake plants.

Keep your artificial flowers beautiful by simply wiping them off with a damp cloth. You do not need any special cleaning product. Most often you only need to clean the dust, which easily gets rid of water. But be sure to dry gently to preserve their shape and colour.