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Dark grey lounge sofas you can leave out all year

Garden furniture you can leave out all year

Short on time or storage space? All-weather garden furniture is designed to survive the elements and doesn’t need to be stored away.

Our all-weather lounge furniture series UHRE and ODDE are ideal for kicking back and relaxing when the sun's out and requires no maintenance whatever the weather – rain or sun, this furniture can remain outside.

ODDE and UHRE all-weather lounge sets

The weather-resistant fabric also protects against mud, dirt, ice cream and wine, so big and small can let loose and enjoy the summer.

6 persons all-weather lounge sofa in light grey and nest of tables

The acrylic fabric and foam in the all-weather lounge sets are produced in a way where the water simply runs through instead of being soaked up. The cushions dry up in a few hours depending on wind and temperature.

3 persons all-weather lounge sofa in dark grey

The ODDE series comes in dark grey and UHRE in two colours, light and dark grey and with a matching sun lounger.

6 persons all-weather lounge sofa and sun lounger in dark grey

Maintenance-free and comfortable

You can leave ODDE and UHRE outside the whole year. But we still suggest that you store your lounge set inside during wintertime to extend its lifetime. You can easily clean it with water, soap, and a mild brush.

The cover is water repellent and dries quickly, so the conditions for mould and fungus are bad both on the cover and inside the sofa. The fabric is also UV protected so UHRE and ODDE keeps their colour for a long period.

6 persons all-weather lounge sofa in dark grey with cushion

Benefits of all-weather garden furniture:

  • Leave outside all year round
  • Use it just quickly after the rain has stopped
  • Save time. The cover is dirt-repellent and easy to clean
  • Enjoy for years to come. The cover is UV resistant – so the colour will not fade
  • More time for fun and relaxing

Style your all-weather lounge set with planters, lanterns, cushions and throws, and create a perfect spot to relax in the summer sun.

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