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Artificial plants for your Christmas decor

Faux plants for a genuine Christmas

Imagine entering a home without plants - something would clearly be missing. Plants add a sense of life and dynamics to your home, but for some, plants can be too big a task to maintain and keep alive. If you travel a lot or just don’t have those “green fingers” it’s a good thing, that you can get artificial plants. They look real and there is no chance of killing them. They can get your home Christmas ready in a jiffy and some of them have built-in lights with batteries so you don’t have to worry about electrical cords.

When the faux plants are enriched with lights, they can even work as little pretty lamps and spread a warm, cosy light in your living room. Use them in dark nooks or in the window to show off your elegant Christmas style.

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Artificial plants look good both inside the house and in the garden or on the balcony. You don’t have to worry about watering them, wilting leaves or brown tips.

An artificial Christmas tree lasts forever

Even an artificial Christmas tree can look amazing in your living room and has a lot of advantages:

1. An artificial Christmas tree doesn’t shed needles

The needles will stay right where they are. Unlike real Christmas trees, you can keep an artificial Christmas tree in the living room decorated with ornaments and everything from the very beginning of December – without having to worry about the tree drying out and the needles falling off.

2. An artificial Christmas tree is affordable and will save you money in the years to come

You never again have to go Christmas tree shopping. The artificial Christmas tree is re-usable year after year. What’s more, you never have to worry about finding the right size for your living room. The perfect tree is already there in the basement, shed, or attic - ready when you are.

3. An artificial Christmas tree looks as good as a real tree – or even better …

When you go to choose your Christmas tree, finding the right tree is not necessarily easy. One tree is crooked, on another one the top is split in two. The branches can be located to closely together, or too far apart from each other. With an artificial tree, you don’t have to worry. The branches are evenly placed so you have room for ornaments and string lights.  

Did we remember all the advantages with a fake Christmas tree? Let us know in the comments! Merry Christmas to everyone! 

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