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Duvet and pillow with cover in bamboo viscose fabric on top of bed in light bedroom

Duvet and pillow with plant based fabric

A soft, comfy and warm duvet that can draw moisture from your body during the night – that is what we have searched for and found in RINGSTIND: A new addition to our duvet assortment. RINGSTIND is a fibre duvet with a cover in 100% viscose, made from bamboo, combined with aloe vera treatment. The warm duvet is ideal for you during both summer and winter if you tend to get cold during the night. The unique mix of bamboo and aloe vera lets the skin breathe and sweat evaporate, so you can be comfortable and get a good night’s sleep. 

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The RINGSTIND series includes a pillow with a cover in the same fabric as the duvet. It is a high pillow, making it ideal for people who like to sleep on the side. A high pillow fills out the space between your neck and the mattress, helping you achieve a comfortable sleeping position. 

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Fabric made from bamboo fibres has been produced in East Asia for thousands of years. While the use of aloe vera for medicinal and cosmetic purposes is equally old aged, it is only a few decades ago that it came to use in textiles. 

Both the RINGSTIND duvet and pillow are in the well-known JYSK PLUS quality. For the duvets, this ensures you a 5-year guarantee. 

Bamboo is also used in JYSK a large selection of furniture, roller blinds, baskets, lamps and more. 

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