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Faux flowers in vase next to artificial plant decoration on wall shelf

Decorating with artificial flower arrangements

Back in the days, using artificial plants and flowers to decorate your home was the trend. Today, the trend is to make your home feel like a small, indoor garden – artificial or not. There are many types, sizes and colours to choose from in the process of picking the right plant decorations for your home.

In this blog post, we will show you how and why you should give the faux flowers a fresh update.

Why choose faux plants instead of real ones?

If you are one of those people who forget to water your plants, faux flowers could be the solution for you. Artificial plants and flowers are long-lasting decoration items, and they don’t require your attention – they are just there to bring life and colour to your everyday.

Although faux plants are not as fresh as the real ones, they serve the same purpose. Artificial flowers can be seen as an extension of the outdoor environment brought indoor. When the season changes, the appearance of living plants do too. With the faux version of these decorations, you avoid this happening to you. You can ensure and maintain whatever expression you desire to create with plant decorations, as faux flowers do not change their appearance.

It is possible to find very lifelike-looking faux plants that are hard to distinguish from real plants. Fresh flowers are often expensive and they need to be taken care of. 

Example of living room décor showing faux plant hanging from wall shelf

Planned or unplanned guests? Keep your home presentable

Do you ever stress about decorating your home when you are having guests? If you do not have the time to do your living room décor, or if you just ran out of inspiration and creativity, artificial flowers are the safe choice for you. Here, the decoration can be prepared days, weeks or months in advance and still look completely fresh.

Vase with artificial flower arrangement decorating a living room


Try mixing different colours when arranging your flower decorations. Choose a colourful plant pot and combine it with a bright green artificial plant. The contrast of this combination will be distinctive and attract the eyes of whoever is visiting your home. You can also create your own bouquet of different artificial flowers reflecting your personality. Through time, it is possible to redo the bouquet by removing or adding more faux flowers or maybe even faux grass.

Living room décor with faux plant and different lighting


One plant – many purposes

Another advantage of artificial flower arrangements is that you can move them wherever you like, as often you want. They are not restricted to one place only, and you don’t have to consider lighting or temperature when choosing the right spot for your faux flower decorations. With the faux version of flower decoration, you will get the fresh flower feeling all year round. 

Faux plant showing an example of how to do room styling


Mix and match

To sum up, artificial flowers and plants are ideal for those who lack time, inspiration or creativity. You can mix different colours and sizes, and move your decoration as often you like – there is no right or wrong when doing your room styling. 

Faux flowers presented in vase next to different living room décor


More tips to decorate your home in an easy way.

How do you make use of artificial flowers and plants in your home? Share your tips in the comments. 


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