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coffee table ideas and contemporary coffee tables

Coffee table styles and ideas

Thinking of buying a new coffee table? A coffee table is an important part of a living room, as it is where we relax, put our feet on and where we enjoy a good cup of tea. But which of the different coffee tables should you choose? Read more for style and inspiration.

Considerations before buying a new coffee table

Before buying a new coffee table you need to carefully consider your needs. How are you using your living room? If you often eat in front of the television, it's a good idea to pick out a larger coffee table to hold your plate or cup. But if you have a smaller living room, then consider the space you will need to move around the coffee table with ease.

Materials and different coffee tables

Coffee tables come in many different shapes, colours and materials. Each material has its pros and cons so think about each one before you buy.

- Wooden - Buy a wooden coffee table if you want to keep a more traditional feel in your home. But don't feel restricted with a wooden table as there are still many different shades to choose from.
- Glass - If you'd rather go for a coffee table that doesn't change over time, you can buy a new coffee table made out of glass. Glass tables add a light and airy vibe to your living room and you can easily spot when they need a wipe.
- Laminate - You can also pick out a table out of laminate. Laminate is also easy to wipe and doesn't get greasy fingers on it which is especially and advantage if you have children.

Classic coffee tables

With a classic wooden coffee table you can't go wrong. The square table on four legs fits into most homes and provides plenty of space for your evening coffee. If you choose one with a shelf below you'll also have a place to put remote controls and magazines instead of letting them take up all the space on your table.

Minimalist coffee tables

The minimalist coffee table fits perfect into a streamlined home with white walls and bare surfaces. In the minimalist home there's no space for knick-knacks and it's important that everything has a function. You should therefore pick out a light and airy coffee table if you want a simple and minimalistic style.

Retro style coffee tables

The 1960s are back! At least when it comes to furniture. Pick out a cool retro style coffee table to create a groovy and nostalgic vibe in your living room. The retro design with references to the 60s is still in, and has become a loved furniture classic. Complement the good design with some cushions with a geometrical print for your sofa to complete the look.

Nest of tables

If your home is small then consider a nest of tables. When you have a nest of tables at your disposal you can easily create more space by stacking them on top of each other. Smaller tables often included in a nest of tables are often easy to move around, and if you need the floor space in front of the couch for when your kids are playing video games it's convenient with a small and light table. Several tables side by side can also create an excellent dynamic.

A coffee table with shelves and storage

If you live in a tight home or just need the extra storage room you should consider if you should choose a coffee table with storage. A coffee table shaped like a box can fit many different things that are otherwise hard to find space for. Excellent idea for every home!

Freshen up your old coffee table

Are you happy with your current coffee table, which has a good shape, size or height, but do you think that it needs a little renewal? There are two easy ways to update your coffee table and give it a fresh new life. Firstly, you could consider painting your coffee table and mix and matching the colours; Start by cleaning the table thoroughly. Before painting, you need to find out if the table needs a grinding to make the paint bind. Also, note if the coffee table is oiled, as it requires oil paint - otherwise you can use water basis paint.

Another way to give the coffee table new life is by using simple and new accessories. A plant, new vase or a keepsake can often refresh a coffee table without replacing the actual furniture. Consider choosing an accessory in a different material or a different colour for a whole new look.

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