Find the perfect cushion inner for ultimate comfort and support

Increase your comfort and appearance of your cushion with our high-quality cushion inserts ar JYSK. Our range of pillow inserts provides the ideal balance of softness and support to ensure your cushion maintains its shape and comfort. If your cushions feel like they need some new padding inside of them then shop our range of cushion fillings and inserts in a range of sizes and weights. You can give your current cushion covers new life with plump and comfy filling. Shop our cushions and cushion covers to perfectly match your comfort needs.

2 products
    2 products

    Cushion inserts are incredibly useful for revitalizing old cushions and giving them a new lease on life. Here's how they can make a difference:

    1. Restore Shape and Volume:

    Over time, cushions can become flat and lose their shape due to regular use. Cushion inserts help restore the original plumpness and volume, making your cushions look and feel like new.

    2. Enhance Comfort:

    A fresh cushion insert can significantly enhance the comfort of your cushions. High-quality inserts provide better support and softness, making your seating or lounging experience much more enjoyable.

    3. Extend Cushion Lifespan:

    By replacing the inserts, you can extend the lifespan of your cushions. The outer covers may still be in good condition, and new inserts can breathe new life into them, saving you money and reducing waste.

    4. Improve Aesthetic Appeal:

    New cushion inserts can improve the overall aesthetic appeal of your cushions. They help maintain a consistent and attractive appearance, preventing sagging and uneven surfaces that can make your cushions look worn out.