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Dark accessories and furnishings in your home

Get inspired by the DARK DECO trend


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Learn about the DARK DECO trend and how you get this extravagant style with heavy fabrics and beautiful prints in your own home. Anyone with a passion for making their home shine wants to know what the next big thing is going to be within interior decorating.

Handpicked by our range and design team
At JYSK, we want to help you reach that goal by offering an inspiring assortment across all item groups that suit your needs. The DARK DECO trend has been handpicked by our range and design team to offer you a wide selection of trendy items.

Extravagant style with dark tones
DARK DECO is an extravagant style which stands in contrast to the Nordic minimalism. The materials are heavy and in dark tones creating a powerful atmosphere. Velour and other heavy fabrics play together with marble, coloured glass and matt copper. As the name also indicates DARK DECO encompasses both darkness and decoration.

Heavy fabrics
Add darkness in the shape of heavy fabrics, for instance with pillows and towels, and dark colours when using items such as boxes and lamps. Remember to include some lightness in your dark decorating to hit just the right balance between the bright and the dark look.

Beautiful prints and patterns
In order to include the decoration part of DARK DECO don’t be afraid to add any type of decorative articles to your home accessories. Many of our new home textile items, such as bed linens, towels and tea towels, have beautiful prints and patterns. Also have a look at some of our great new ceramics and items in glass to obtain a decorative home.


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