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A chrome side table, a small display cabinet and a pouffe with storage

The Buyers favourite small furniture


Category: Trends

Tags: Sideboards/Cabinets, Pouffes, Coffee Tables

Susanne Bank is our long time Buyer within small furniture. There is a new assortment online on July 14th and in our stores on August 5th, so what is more natural than asking her about her favourites? Susanne quickly suggests 3 items: a chrome side table, a small display cabinet in bamboo and a pouffe with storage. “In each of these 3 items I feel that design, materials and colours complement each other,” says Susanne and lets us in on some of the details:

CURVEY: Chrome side table with a modern design

A chrome side table with a plant pot in a corner and two cushions on the floor

“The design on this side table is inspired by technical innovation. At the same time, it has a retro look that those of us longing back to the 80's can really appreciate. The materials are shiny chrome and glass - materials that are trendy again after a break of 30-40 years.”

If you have the guts, CURVEY can be the one element that creates a spark and adds a unique sense of personality to your home. “It is really versatile,” says Susanne: “You can use it in your living room for your cups of coffee and your magazines. Or you can use it in the bedroom as a bedside table. I am sure that your teenager is also going to love it.”

SPLIT: Grey pouffe with storage

Grey pouffe with storage and a trolley with a vase, candlesticks and a plant pot


“Like CURVEY, the pouffe SPLIT has a clean shape with an industrial and classic touch,” says Susanne as she admires the grey velour. “It is both easy on the eyes, it feels soft and pleasant, has a nice size and as a bonus, it has room for storage. So it is a three in one solution; You can use it to rest your feet, you can use it as an extra seat (it holds up to 110 kg) and you can keep the kids’ toys or a throw in it.”

TREND: Small display cabinet in bamboo

Small display cabinet with cups in different colours inside


And now for something with a completely different look. “This is just the sweetest little cabinet, put in the world for you to show off your prettiest things, Susanne begins. ”It is made out of bamboo and has a glass door and glass on the sides so the light can shine on your dearest belongings: The children’s creations, souvenirs from a fantastic holiday, or whatever you can think of. You can also hang the cabinet in the bathroom and use it for your perfumes or jewellery. Or how about adding some sweetness to the kitchen?”

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