Mattress Pads

A mattress pad, also known as a mattress protector, is significantly thinner and primarily serves a hygienic purpose. An advantage of a mattress pad is that it is very easy to clean. A mattress pad will also extend the life of your underlying mattress by absorbing moisture and dirt before they reach the mattress. At JYSK, we are always ready to advise you on your purchase so you can choose a model that fits your needs, sleeping position, and budget. 

Increase comfort with a mattress pad

Top mattresses give you better comfort and can compensate if your mattress is too hard or too soft. They have been developed to adapt to the body and provide the right protection and optimal pressure relief. A mattress topper can therefore be a good solution if you are not completely satisfied with your current mattress..

Care and maintenance

How long does a mattress last? And what can you do yourself to extend the lifespan?

There are several factors such as quality, weight, sweat, and cleaning of the mattress that influence how long you should keep your mattress. It is important for your night's sleep not to sleep on an old mattress, as it is bad for both the body and hygiene. As a general rule, we recommend a replacement every 10-12 years.

Read more in our guide to the care and maintenance of your mattress 

Get advice and guidance 

If you are in doubt about which type of mattress pad to choose, we offer expert advice and guidance in your local JYSK store. Here you can try different mattress toppers and test the lying comfort before you buy.