Stay organised with a coat roack

Keep order in your hallway with coat racks. If you're short of space in your entrance way keep the coat rack on the wall, saving space and ensuring your coats can be hung in unison up out of the way. Our coat hooks are available in contemporary and funky designs with choices of black and white metal in simplistic designs or with colourful coat hooks.  A coat rack is an ideal storage solution for the things you want at hand, such as towels, jackets, tea towels, and handbags. Explore our range and find a great offer.

5 products
    5 products

    Coat racks can be incredibly versatile in the home, serving more than just their primary purpose of holding coats. Here are several ways you can utilize coat racks for multiple purposes:

    1. Entryway Organization: Of course, the primary function of a coat rack is to hold coats, jackets, and hats in your entryway. To maximize its organizational potential, consider adding hooks or shelves for keys, bags, and other accessories.
    2. Mudroom Storage: If you have a mudroom, use a coat rack to store outdoor gear like umbrellas, rain boots, and sports equipment. Install baskets or bins underneath for additional storage of gloves, scarves, or pet supplies.
    3. Vertical Garden: Transform a coat rack into a vertical garden by hanging small potted plants or succulents from the hooks. This not only adds a touch of greenery to your space but also maximizes vertical storage in rooms with limited floor space.
    4. Kitchen Organizer: In the kitchen, use a coat rack to hang aprons, dish towels, and oven mitts for easy access while cooking. You can also hang lightweight pots, pans, or kitchen utensils from the hooks to free up cabinet space.
    5. Bedroom Storage: In a bedroom with limited closet space, use a coat rack to hang clothing items like scarves, belts, and purses. You can also drape jewelry or accessories over the hooks for a decorative touch.
    6. Laundry Room Helper: Hang a coat rack in the laundry room to air-dry delicate clothing items or hang freshly ironed garments. You can also use it to store laundry bags, hampers, or cleaning supplies.
    7. Kids’ Storage: Install a low-height coat rack in a child’s room to encourage independence in hanging up their coats and backpacks. You can also use it to display their artwork, awards, or favorite dress-up costumes.
    8. Outdoor Gear Organizer: Place a coat rack in your garage or shed to store gardening tools, hoses, or outdoor gear like camping chairs and fishing rods. This keeps everything organized and easily accessible when needed.

    By thinking creatively and repurposing your coat rack, you can make it a versatile and functional storage solution for various areas of your home.