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Curtain solutions in living room

Window roller blinds or window curtains?

It can be difficult to choose between curtains and roller blinds. Everything depends on your personal taste and needs, the room where you want to hang them, and your desires for the level of maintenance. In this blog post, we take you through the different aspects that you need to consider before choosing.

Window curtains set the mood in the room

Roller blinds have a simple look and they are available in different colors and patterns. They create a minimalist look to your home and if you like Scandinavian décor they can help you complete that Nordic look.

Curtains, on the other hand, come in a variety of styles and fabrics that determine their looks and functionality. Sheer curtains bring a soft, dreamy look to the room. Curtains in heavier fabrics are ideal for creating a more cave-like feeling.

The heading on the curtain is surprisingly important for the overall expression. The heading determines how the curtain falls, and can add a contemporary or a more traditional look to the curtain and, as a consequence, to the room.

Headings with curtain tape and pole pocket

A curtain with curtain tape and pole pocket is the traditional standard heading and a very popular choice. It works well both in traditional, contemporary and casual interior decors.


Eyelet headings

Eyelet curtains have metal eyelets spaced evenly across the top. Curtains with eyelet headings hang in loose folds and add a contemporary finish to your decor.

Tab top headings

A tab top curtain has a contemporary look that works fabulously when you want to create a casual look in the room.

Window roller blinds are the easy choice

Roller blinds have many functional benefits. They take up very little space in the room and can be adjusted horizontally to let in a lot or only a little light. Blackout roller blinds allow very little light into the room, and are a great choice for the bedroom.

Curtains, on the other hand, are easy to pull and adjust vertically. If you prefer that the curtains don't cover part of the window when open, a solution can be to hang them on a curtain pole that is wider than the window. That way you can pull them completely to the side. Curtains in a sheer fabric gives you privacy and lets the light in at the same time. Heavy curtains have insulating properties and can block out any natural light at the same time as they reduce noise in the room.

If you can't decide, consider a solution with more layers so you can enjoy the properties of both heavy and sheer curtains – and add roller blinds for a complete solution.


Cleaning and maintaining

Maintaining both roller blinds and curtains is quite easy. To clean the roller blinds, wipe the fabric downward while they are closed by using a clean, damp cloth, ideally once a week. You can also use a soft brush vacuum cleaner or a hand vacuum cleaner. To care for your curtains, give them a gentle shaking when they are closed and vacuum them in the same manner as described above. Some curtains can be machine-washed - check the specifications when you buy them.

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