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beside table designs and ideas

Quirky bedside table designs and ideas

A bedside table is probably not something, to which you give a great deal of thought when designing your bedroom, but this item of furniture not only has a practical function, it can also make a significant impact on the overall look of your bedroom.

Try mixing up the design of your bedside tables, and even consider two different tables rather than a matching set, to jazz up your bedroom and lend it a brand new look. Here are 5 tips for exciting bedside table solutions for your bedroom.

1. Minimalist wall-mounted bedside table

A wall-mounted bedside table is suitable for anyone requiring a practical solution and a light look to create airiness in the bedroom. One advantage of a wall-mounted bedside table is ease of cleaning. Without legs, it makes it easier to vacuum and keep your bedroom free of dust.

Wall-mounted bedside tables are often small. For example, you could use a shelf or even a wooden box as a bedside table. Try the ILBRO box or hexagonal shelves.

Bedside table ideas and designs at JYSK

2. Multi-functional bedside table with seating

Multi-functional furniture is a very good idea, especially if you have limited space. You can use a stool for more than just seating. A stool also makes an attractive, rustic bedside table. 

If it's a creative look you're after, you could also consider using a chair, footstool or pouffe as a bedside table. Any of these ideas will provide extra seating, which you can quickly access when you have visitors. If you go for a multi-functional bedside table, it is a good idea to mount your bedside lamp on the wall, so that you can quickly grab the stool.

3. A modern bedside table

A modern bedside table is not a traditional bedside table with four legs and drawers. A modern bedside table is dynamic in shape, colour and material so that when it comes to what you can use as a bedside table, the sky’s the limit.

A round side table, a small coffee table or a bench can easily be used as a bedside table. Don't be afraid of choosing a table that mixes materials such as steel, wood, laminate and marble.

4. Use your chest of drawers as a bedside table

If you're after a cosy ambience and a romantic look in your bedroom, a chest of drawers is a perfect idea beside your bed. It means that the chest of drawers takes on two functions, since it also provides excellent storage space for the likes of bedding. Use an heirloom, nab a chest of drawers from the hallway or buy a brand new chest of drawers. Whatever you choose, make sure it is low, so you can reach the things you need easy access to at night.

Bedside table ideas and designs at JYSK

5. A bedside table on wheels

A rolling bedside table is a great idea, because you can easily move it. It makes it easy to change the design of your bedroom, if you are the sort of person who regularly likes to change things round. A rolling bedside table can also make it easy to serve breakfast in bed.

If you push your bed against the wall, you only need to invest in a single bedside table, which then provides you with more floor space. A tray table is a good example of a rolling bedside table, but you can also try your hand at a DIY solution by fixing wheels on a traditional bedside table.

Before you rush out and a buy a new bedside table, take time to consider how much surface and storage space you need, and how much space you have for a bedside table.

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