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Tray with bowls and mugs and cutting board. Armchair with floor lamp

MIDSUMMER: Home decor accessories with a summery feel

With three new trends, JYSK continues the development of our assortment in the spring and summer of 2020. The three news trends are called MIDSUMMER, MY SPACE and INSTA EMOTIONS.

The MIDSUMMER trend draws on a desire to re-focus our energy and take time to tune out of our always-on tech dependent lives and be present in the moment – also known as JOMO: The Joy Of Missing Out. Instead of staring at your digital devices, satisfy your senses with a scented candle like JENS and the sight of the beautiful HARRY flower vase. The single flower branch underlines the simplicity in this trend.

A craft movement is gaining popularity at the moment. It inspires each of us to focus on hobbies and nature, for example slow craft that encourages us to take pride in the processes of artistry. The glazed stoneware bowls TORSTEN and LAUKE both have a handmade look that is complemented by the cutting board KJELL in acacia wood.

In MIDSUMMER, we see nature-inspired patterns, prints, and effortless forms like on the plant pot JOHN. All in all it creates an artisanal look with references back in time.

Shapes and forms are simple, informal and relaxed, emphasising a soft aesthetic look. Matte surfaces and warm colours are found in this trend. You can let yourself be inspired to use the trend in your living room décor – but don’t forget the bathroom where the laundry basket EGIL and bench SAUNTE will fit right in.  

The colours of the MIDSUMMER trend are inspired by a combination of the good old days in the 70’s and Scandinavian midsummer time. The MAIGULL quilted throw talks to the nostalgic among us. The quilted throw with the floral print reminds you of a more simple time - much like the sofa cushion KUGLEASK.

The trend explores saturated solid block colours, with a focus on dusty terracotta brick, yellow, and wild green tones to create eye-catching decorative accessories. The THERMAN baskets are a great example of this.

Interested in the other trends? Read more about INSTA EMOTIONS and MY SPACE.


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