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How to avoid flies in the house

How to get rid of flies in the house

Flies in the house are a recurring source of irritation for many people in the summer. If you would like to avoid a tennis elbow from running round swatting flies, then read on for our tips on how to get rid of flies in the house.

Avoid germs from flies in your home

Flies are not just a nuisance, they can also be a health hazard. Excrement, rotten food and carrion are favourite stomping grounds for flies, and they can spread hazardous viruses and germs. This only serves to emphasise how important it is to keep flies away.

If flies have already found their way indoors, you should try to get rid of them as quickly as possible. Even though the average lifespan of a house fly is only two weeks, during that time it can lay about 1,000 eggs. That means that a single fly can soon evolve into a major problem.

Keep flies out with a fine mesh insect net

In the first instance, you should concentrate on preventing the flying insects from getting indoors. One ideal way of avoiding flies in your home is to install fine mesh insect netting on your windows.

Tip: Another, less traditional way to keep flies away is to apply the Mexican water bag trick. Fill a transparent plastic bag with water, put in a couple of coins and hang it outside. Flies do not have pupils to regulate light in their eyes. So the idea of the trick is for flies to perceive the bag as a huge amount of flickering water, which then confuses them and scares them away.

Get rid of flies with light traps

Another way of keeping flies at bay is to use light traps. In this context, an electric fly-catcher is an ideal option. It is also an efficient tool to get rid of flies. Electric fly-killers are equipped with UV light, which attracts flies and shocks them.

How to get rid of flies without using chemical substances

Flies remain in any area where they can find food, therefore try to minimise sources of food for flies. In other words, try to keep your home as clean as you can, and cover any food or simply keep it hidden away in the fridge or in cupboards. Also, make sure your bin has a tight-fitting lid to prevent flies from laying their eggs in the bin. 

If you do use chemical substances, take care

If you choose to combat flies in the house with chemical substances such as fly sprays, you should only use products that have been approved for domestic use. Chemical substances can harm children and pollute food, so you should be sure to take precautions. Remember to read the label thoroughly prior to use and follow the instructions.

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