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Child at desk in the middle of computer game

How to choose the right gaming chair and desk

The best gaming chair and desk are adjustable so you can change their positions to fit the body type of the gamer. No two people are alike in terms of height, weight and muscular strength, and each person has individual preferences for seating positions. When it comes to children, it is even more important that the chair is adjustable so it continues to be comfortable and provide the right support as they grow.

Follow these tips to get the best gaming chair and desk:

1. Which gaming chair to buy?

The best gaming chair has a comfortable seat that helps regulating body temperature. In addition, it has adjustable armrests, height and backrest so you can set it precisely to meet your needs.

2. How to adjust the gaming chair  

Set the chair so your hips and knees are roughly at the same level. Make sure that your feet can reach the floor or that you have a footrest to support them. If your knees are too high compared to your hips, it may prevent blood flow. If they are too low, it can put a strain on your lower back. See what fits you and adjust accordingly.

When it comes to the angle of the backrest there is no one answer. You have to try different positions. Start with a small tilt and modify the reclining angle until you reach what feels like a neutral spine position.

Set the armrests so your elbows are at a 90-degree angle when you use the mouse or keyboard.

Our black and red gaming chair JENSLEV is height adjustable and has a comfortable seat, adjustable armrests and stepless tilt mechanism so you can find a position that suits you.

3. The right keyboard and mouse position

When your elbows are at a 90-degree angle, you should be able to reach the keyboard and the mouse without straining your shoulders. Also make sure that you don’t have to bend your wrists. Again: Try to find a relaxed, neutral position and tweak the adjustable gaming chair to find what feels most comfortable for you.

4. How to place the monitor

Try placing the monitor one arm’s length away, and don’t be afraid to make adjustments. Everyone’s eyes are different, so the right position for you could be a little closer or further away. The ideal length lets you see small objects and characters and doesn’t strain your eyes.

5. Monitor height and tilt

When you are sitting upright, your eyes should rest on the top third of the screen. If the monitor is set too high, you might tilt your neck slightly upward. If it is set too low you might get a forward head posture.

Read more about a correct sitting posture

It doesn’t hurt that the desk looks cool. A gaming desk with led lights gets you there.

6. Let your eyes rest

When we use a monitor, we often forget to blink. Staring at the monitor for longer periods means that our eyes dries out, so it is a good idea to exercise your eyes by using the this method: Look away from the monitor at least every 20 minutes and look at an object 5-10 meters away for at least 20 seconds. 

7. Take breaks and get moving

Even in the middle of the most awesome game, make sure to use the little chances for a break. Whenever the game is loading or you finish a level, get up and get a sandwich or a refill your water bottle.

Don’t forget to stay hydrated – a gaming desk with a cup holder keeps you from spilling onto the keyboard.

Getting the blood rolling and letting your eyes focus on objects at various distances initiates the recovering process. Get at least one 10-minute break every hour.

Also get some fresh air. A quick walk outside is a great way to take a break and clear your mind.

Make sure to stay fit – for example on the football court or through simple exercises like lunges, squats, planks, sit-ups and push-ups. Both your body and your gaming skills will benefit from this.

When you are done gaming, open the window and clean up so you are ready for the next gaming session.

The LANGHOLM gamer desk offers easy storage of your gamer gear.



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