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Host and guests toasting

Get started on the party planning

Whether you want to gather your family and your friends around you to celebrate all being together again, or a milestone birthday, an important event always takes a lot of planning and it is a good idea to start your considerations well in advance.

We have collected a list of ideas that you can get you thinking about how to give your gathering a personal touch – and they are amazing and affordable at the same time.

Make it personal

If you put some thought into it, you can make your personal preferences shine through before, during and after the event. Tie a flower to the invitations and to the thank you notes if you love gardening. Are you a fashionista? Hang the table plan on a clothes rail. Do you and your partner both enjoy photography? Use photo frames for table numbers. Think outside the box to make your party both personal and memorable.

Clothes hanger with a place card

Table plan and table numbers

For a party with a lot of guests, there is often a table plan, so each person knows where to be seated during dinner. A cool and unconventional idea is to hang the plan from a clothes rail or a décor ladder. You can also put it in a large frame or write it with a glass pen on a large mirror.  

Try to think of a way to make the table numbers match the table plan. If the table plan is in a large frame, you can put smaller, matching frames on the tables. If you have written the table plan on a large mirror, write the table numbers on smaller mirrors on the tables.

A beautiful table setting

Decorative table setting with plate, cloth napkin, glass and knife and fork

Cloth napkins gives the table setting a more luxurious look. Fold a small flower or a sprig into the napkin along with the menu.

Get tips on how to set the table 

Flower vases

On a festive table, you need flowers. However, be careful with a large and tall centrepiece. Lots of smaller vases placed carefully around on the table enables the guests to see each other across without distraction. They are also easier to handle and they are more versatile than a larger vase.

Tip: Drinking glasses can serve as perfectly good vases. They are typically both low in height and affordable.  

Atmosphere lighting 

Collection of vases with light strings and artificial flowers

If you want an intimate and cosy atmosphere, you want to avoid ceiling lighting that can cast a harsh glow. Instead, find a way to use smaller light sources that you can place around the room where they create “hygge”: String lights, lanterns and battery lamps can all be mixed with a beautiful and effortless-looking result. If you use LED tealight candles, you can decorate your lanterns with artificial flowers to get an amazing look.  

Decorate with fabrics

If your event takes place at a large venue, and you want to create some intimacy, you can use curtains as room dividers or possibly as ceiling drapes. Hang them from a ring in the centre of the room and attach the ends to the ceiling so they create a ceiling flower. You can also use them to frame a photo booth.

Bonus: Fabric helps to create a pleasant acoustic.

If your bar tables don’t match, you can disguise them with a tablecloth that you tie loosely together at the bottom with a pretty bow. Uneven chairs can also be get a more uniform look with a piece of fabric drape over the back. This way even a folding chair can get a festive look.

Do you have any tips for planning a party? Share them with us in the comments! 


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