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wooden garden furniture table, chairs and bench with FSC logo

The FSC® label is your assurance of wood from responsible sources

One of the major global warming culprits is deforestation of the world's forests. Approximately 20% of greenhouse gas emissions occur from deforestation and the burning of forests.

Garden furniture is one of JYSK's core areas and we are among Europe's largest retailers of garden furniture. We therefore work actively to fight unsustainable and illegal logging and burning. Since 1990 JYSK has worked to increase its share of garden furniture produced from FSC®-certified wood. Today, all of our wooden garden furniture is FSC-labelled. (FSC® N001715)

FSC-certified furniture

FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) is an internationally recognised non-profit organisation. FSC label is your assurance of responsible logging and improved living conditions for local populations in some of the world's poorest countries. FSC label can be on wood from around the world - from the tropical rainforests to the Siberian coniferous forests. In addition to taking environmental responsibility, FSC is also working for social and economic responsibility. Social responsibility includes, among other things, that the FSC protects indigenous and local populations living in the forests. Meanwhile, those who work in the forests are also guaranteed education, safety and decent wages. The economic responsibility includes that the owners of FSC-certified forests get a decent price for their wood.

This means for example that:

  • In an FSC forest there is not more wood felled, than the forest itself can reproduce
  • In an FSC forest there are strict requirements for the use of pesticides and chemicals
  • In an FSC forest the workers get a decent wage and decent working conditions
  • In an FSC forest humans and animals are respected

A significant factor regarding climate change is the destruction of the world’s forests due to unsustainable deforestation. From construction to home decor, wood as a material is widely used across the world, and that is why it is important that forest-based materials such as wood are sourced from sustainable sources so natural environments are not harmed. Many of us recognise and know of the FSC label, but what is it specifically and what does it mean for deciding which wooden garden furniture to purchase?  

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The Forest Stewardship Council® 

The Forest Stewardship Council, commonly known as FSC, is an internationally recognised non-profit organisation and labelling system for wood, paper, and other forest-based materials that originate from sustainable forestry or other responsibly managed sources.

The FSC label is your assurance that logging rates are restricted to sustainable levels, allowing forests to continuously regenerate and regrow. Additionally, it guarantees that all wood can be traced back to its source forest. Learn more about FSC here

JYSK's FSC-certified garden furniture assortment 

A core product area, and one of the largest in JYSK, is our garden and outdoor furniture assortment, and we are among the largest retailers within garden furniture in Europe. We therefore think it is only natural that we work to actively promote sustainable forestry, and today, 100 % of our wooden garden furniture assortment is FSC-certified

The FSC label is your assurance that any piece of wooden outdoor furniture that you can buy in JYSK is made with forest-based materials, such as wood, that originate from responsibly and sustainably managed forests. From our large garden lounge sets to small outdoor side tables, you can choose our FSC-certified wooden garden furniture with good conscience, knowing that your purchase is not compromising the integrity and health of the world's forests. 

As a member of the Forest Stewardship Council since 2006, not only is our full garden furniture assortment FSC-certified, we are also committed to taking an active role in preserving forests, promoting sustainable forestry, and spreading awareness about the Forestry Stewardship Council and what it means for you as a customer, member of society, and inhabitant of our planet (FSC® N001715).

Our extensive and full garden furniture assortment is 100 % FSC-certified, and there are therefore many great options for you to choose from. Take a look at the following sections for selected highlights.  

FSC-certified garden tables and chairs

Among our most popular outdoor assortment is our wide selection of outdoor dining furniture: Square garden tables, round garden tables, garden dining chairs among others. 

FSC-certified garden sets furniture 

Besides furniture for outdoor dining, our assortment also includes other essential pieces for your outdoor areas such as lounge sofas, lounge tables, garden sets, and more. Our UGILT collection, made from solid acacia wood, in particular is popular.

Learn more about FSC and JYSK

If you are interested in learning more about the Forest Stewardship Council as well as JYSK and our commitment to promoting sustainable forestry, check out the links below: 

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