Experience the joy of outdoor dining with our garden table

Is there anything more enjoyable than dining outside on a warm summer evening? At JYSK, we offer a diverse range of patio and outdoor tables in various styles and sizes. You have the option to purchase our garden tables separately or as part of a set. When selecting a garden table, it is important to consider the height and style to ensure it complements the chairs you already have. If you are in need of garden chairs, we have a wide selection available in different colors, designs, and materials. Whether you require a family-sized outdoor table and chairs to accommodate a large gathering on your dining terrace or prefer a bistro table or dinette set for a cozy courtyard or balcony, the choice is yours.

Garden tables suitable for any type of garden setting

There's nothing quite like the fleeting summer months, where we can gather with loved ones and dine outdoors in the fresh air. Whether you prefer to cook up a barbecue feast or savor a simple meal of salads and fresh bread, while admiring the beauty of your garden surroundings, it's a moment to cherish. Of course, the garden table is the centerpiece of any outdoor gathering, and at JYSK, we offer a range of garden tables in various shapes and styles to suit every garden setting.

Get more out of summer, with the right choice of garden furniture. There are different factors you should look into when buying garden furniture which includes:

  • Comfort
    Garden furniture should be comfortable to sit in, even for several hours at a time. The garden chair must ensure support for both your back and legs. The height of the garden furniture also plays a significant role and should be considered to ensure the best support for your body so that you can relax. For example, do the arms of the chair have a height that supports your forearm?
  • Functionality
    Is your furniture fit for the purpose you have in mind for it? It's convenient to have furniture that can be stacked or folded so that it uses as little space as possible. Additionally, it may be practical to check whether the garden chairs can be pushed under the garden table, therefore providing you with more space when not in use.
  • Maintenance requirements
    Maintenance-free garden furniture is ideal, therefore consider the material when you buy your garden furniture. There can be large differences in the amount of maintenance each material requires.

Choose from an existing range of different materialsS

When choosing a material, consider whether you want a garden table in a maintenance-free material or whether you want classic wooden garden furniture that requires a bit of maintenance. At JYSK you will find an extensive range of garden tables and chairs made from traditional materials including FSC-certified hardwoods and metal, as well as from polyrattan, plastic, synthetic wood and maintenance-free artwood. Find out more in our guide on how to choose garden furniture where you will gain insight into what you should pay attention to and what options you have, so you can make the right choice when you need to buy new outdoor furniture.