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Lights indoor and outdoor

Create magic with winter party lights

Outdoor lights are not just for summer parties. Imagine being welcomed to a winter party by twinkling, flickering lights in the garden, on the balcony, at the entrance and of course in the windows. In the dark season, lighting creates a magical setting for a magical night and you can use lights to celebrate Christmas, winter solstice or just a warm friendship in a cold season.

Outdoor lights are often associated with Christmas, but you can really use them all year round, and especially as soon as the evenings get darker, they can bring you joy. Lighting is one of the easiest ways to cast an enchanting spell on your garden or balcony. Lanterns, lights strings, lit Christmas trees and candles. can help you create a fascinating atmosphere and at Christmas time, you can add little elves to contribute to the sweet, mysterious feeling.

Create an extraordinary winter garden party

Invite friends and family for an extraordinary experience. Tell your guests to bring a warm sweater and get both your indoor and your outdoor space ready for company.

Make sure that there are warm throws and hides, a bonfire and hot drinks to make your event memorable. Don’t forget to light up bars and buffet tables with lanterns and light strings.

Get safety tips for your outdoor Christmas lighting

When you are able to look through the window at a cosy, candle lit living room and from the inside, look outside at the warm, flickering lights you have reached your goal.

Make use of any excuse for not turning on the ceiling light. Instead, turn on candles and little lamps in the corners. String lights in a vase, a jar or inside a lantern is a simple yet powerful piece of décor.

Take advantage of any “easy” solutions like an artificial tree that has already lights on it. That way you don’t have to twirl the string lights around branches in an even manner. Or get a tree like EILAT that outlines a Christmas tree in a cute, simple way.

More Christmas décor in the Nordic Mood collection

Different types of light trees have different types of expressions. You can get life-like trees or trees that are clearly artificial but cast a beautiful light nevertheless. Use them to create your own festival of lights whenever it suits you during the cold and dark time of the year.



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