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Airplane travel checklist

The holidays are around the corner. If you are anything like us, you start packing for the kids and then you pack for yourself. But it is a good idea to take some time to think through what will make your journey a nice one. These travel tips will help you achieve a hassle-free airplane journey and stay. 

How to pack liquid toiletries

There are restrictions to the amount of liquids that you can bring with you in your hand luggage. Drinks count as liquids, but also shampoo, sunscreen, hair spray, toothpaste, cosmetic creams or gels and anything else that might come in a liquid, gel or paste form. They must be carried in a transparent plastic bag with a maximum capacity of 1 litre. No container may hold more than 100 ml.

Any liquid that alarms during screening will require additional screening – and you don't want that. Get yourself a travel set that meets the demands for a smooth boarding.

Make sure that your suitcase stands out

If a hand luggage size suitcase is too small for you, and you need to check in a larger one, you will also find yourself waiting for it to appear on the luggage carousel. Make sure that it is easy to recognise it – get a suitcase in an unusual color or put a ribbon on the one you have.

Stay warm on the plane

The A/C on a plane is often very effective – in other words, there is a draught and you are going to be cold. You can stay warm by packing a warm throw and an extra pair of socks.

Bring entertainment for the kids

When flying with small children, bring books for reading, coloring books, and little games. If you also bring a tablet or a laptop, there is a chance that you can also relax a bit yourself, while they watch movies or play games.

How to sleep on a plane

On a long flight, you might feel the urge to take a small nap so you can arrive well-rested and ready for new adventures. With a supportive travel pillow you can get some comfy sleep and avoid waking up at the end of the trip with a stiff neck. If you travel with a baby or a toddler, make sure that they can sleep in a safe travel bed once you have reached your destination.

Bring earplugs

They are so small, but their effect is huge. Earplugs are the answer if you wonder how to sleep on a plane. They can also come in handy at a hotel room with noisy neighbours.

Stay healthy

If you worry about previous guests using your pillow on a flight or in a hotel room, bring your own pillow protector with you and get a clean and worry-free sleep.

Do you suffer from jet lag? Read our tips here.  

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