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Console table surrounded by a pouffe, mirror, and floor lamp

5 tips for winter interior decoration

Christmas is a magical time but once it’s over, the decorations come down and the twinkling lights that spread joy around your home are no more. Letting the air through the house, getting rid of the scent of pine needles and putting that Santa Claus-red to rest for the next 10 months can feel just as magical as shimmer and shine does in the beginning of December.

We have collected 5 easy tips to redecorate your house after Christmas:

1. Artificial indoor plants brings life to your home

Once the Christmas tree is out of the door (or, if it is an artificial one, stored until next Christmas), you might miss something green in your home. Artificial indoor plants are excellent at bringing life to a lifeless corner. Imagine the wall shelf in the image above without the artificial plants. A little boring, right? Artificial plants don’t need any water or change of soil, and still create an energetic atmosphere in your home.


2. Pamper yourself and your home in one take

After a busy time with a lot of preparations and events – and maybe also eating a little too much – it is time to focus on yourself for a while. Bring back the good habits in your life and turn your bathroom into a quiet sanctuary with scented candles, vases with artificial flowers and your favourite relaxing music.

3. Renew your interior decoration with colours

Do you love the golden tones that characterises Christmas? They are easy to keep in your décor without the “Christmas-y” feeling. Gold goes really well in combination with a dusty blue or red, black and white. It adds glamour and an elegance that you can balance with other colours and materials such as wood and support with fabrics like velvet.


4. Use light colours when you set the table

The dark winter months forces you to make the most of whatever little light there is. Set the table with a light tablecloth, matching cloth napkins, pale grey plates, elegant, pink tinted glasses, a vase full of flowers and off course candles. This will make every dinner an experience beyond the meal itself.


5. (Re-)use the Christmas décor that is not too Christmas-y

Did you forget to store away the light strings and the snow globes after Christmas? Continue to use them in your winter décor! Some of the items that we use at Christmas can also be used outside of the Christmas season. They can live on in January and February along with your other décor and add magic to the atmosphere.


Get more tips to light up your home and get organised after Christmas.

What are your tricks to renewing your décor? Let us know in the comments!


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