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2017 interior design trends

3 new interior design trends

Are you keen on interior design and always on the lookout for the latest trends? Read on and find out this season's three latest interior trends and home decoration styles.

Extravagance with deep and dark tones

DARK DECO is an extravagant style which stands in sharp contrast to the Nordic minimalism that has reflected the interior decoration for many years. With a luxurious touch, the style is both challenging and flamboyant.

The materials are heavy and kept in dark tones such as dark blue and bordeaux. This creates a powerful atmosphere. Velour, wood and heavy fabrics combined with marble, coloured glass and matt copper give a warm and welcoming feeling for your home decoration.


  • Go for strong textiles and rich furniture in dark nuances
  • Combine simple and light decorative objects as part of your interior decoration to keep it balanced

Soft prints and femininity

SOFT BOHEME is a delicate style that combines feminine prints with ethnic-inspired details. It is all about living in the moment and relaxing in peaceful surroundings which provide a sense of wellness for both body and mind.

The materials are soft and delicate with colours kept in light nuances that supplement the bohemian-inspired prints. This gives the style a vintage look, which is both modern and classic.


  • Find the finest decorative textiles and objects in light nuances that make you happy
  • Experiment with different patterns and prints in different combinations

Soft boheme for your home

Invite nature into your home

URBANITY is a natural style that focuses on organic materials and nature-inspired decorations. With nature literally moving into your home, this reflects on everything from pillows, throws and furniture to bed linen, rugs and lamps. 

The style adds a fresh touch to the indoor environment and gives a casual look. The colours are botany-inspired, where especially green and blue nuances are prominent. Beautiful watercolour prints add softness to the raw materials of cork, plywood, rattan and terracotta.


  • Make the home blossom with botanical prints and green nuances
  • Remember to add blue and yellow colours as a contrast to the green nuances

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