Placemats to complete your dining setup

Dish up a fresh serving of new style with our collection of placemats. Keep your table and tablecloth protected from messy food spillages and heat damage whilst maintaining a gorgeously laid table. Discover a wide variety of placemats that you can mix and match with or create a uniform look for your dining table with the same style and colour. If you've got little ones in the home, you'll find placemats that are easy to wipe clean in colourful designs or if you're an adult only home you'll love our round woven maize placemats with neutral tones to create a rustic setting. Explore our collection and always find a great offer.

Benefits of using placemats 

Other than making your table look fabulous when you're going to tuck into some tasty food, placemats have some great benefits, and here's why you should use them!

  1. They are versatile and stand out on all types of tables. 
  2. They offer more options for table decoration. You can alternate colours of placemats, combining with the napkins, changing the way they are placed on the table.
  3. They allow you to create all types of atmospheres. Switch up your placemats depending on who you are entertaining.
  4. They make it easier to lay and clear away the table.