Laundry baskets that'll keep the dirty washing at bay

The laundry basket, washing hamper or place you stick your dirty clothes, so they don't end up on the floor - whatever you call it, it's an essential item for keeping the home in order. Where do you keep your washing basket in the home? Most people choose to store theirs in a convenient location such as their bedroom, bathroom or utility room. Our selection of laundry hampers are available in many different styles including traditional looking wicker or rattan effect, pop-up mesh baskets and contemporary linen hampers with handles. Find the washing basket that's perfect for your home at JYSK.

A clothing basket that fits into the home decoration 

A laundry basket is not necessarily an item you want to exhibit or highlight. Our washing baskets are designed in neutral colours and modern designs, so they fit well into the home as a natural part of the interior design, without standing out. Here practicality and aesthetics are combined.

All of your laundry essentials 

Naturally, our laundry routines are much less onerous than those of previous generations. We may not have to scrub collars and pass sheets through a mangle but we do seem to launder our clothes and linen more frequently – most families will do a load of washing most days. JYSK has a range of laundry items designed to simplify the process. Our laundry baskets and hampers vary in size and are available in a variety of styles to suit your home – choose from plastic, fabric, wicker, and wood. Drying clothes can be a problem if you’re stuck for space, so we have a selection of space-saving airers. And when you finally get around to ironing, you’ll appreciate our lightweight ironing boards.

A laundry room with an attractive, practical layout 

Whether you establish a separate laundry room or create a mini laundry in your utility room or bathroom, you need to think about the practicality of the layout to make the work as easy as possible. You may as well make your laundry room a pleasant and inviting space to make the chore a little easier and practical.

A little detail such as a couple of attractive, practical laundry baskets can spice up your laundry room substantially and give you better storage possibilities. Having more than one basket is also practical because you can sort out your laundry on an ongoing basis.