Cleaning accessories to keep your home sparkling clean

Channel your inner Mrs Hinch and use our range of cleaning accessories to give your home a tap to tidy moment that would make Stacey Solomon proud! You may love it, or hate it, but cleaning the home is unavoidable and a dustpan and brush, buckets and cleaning sponges are essential for every household. Practical doesn’t have to mean dull – our range of homeware cleaning products will make keeping your home fresh and clean a breeze!

33 products
    33 products


    JYSK stocks a wide range of homeware accessories that are designed to deliver unbeatable value in classic Scandinavian style and functionality. Keep the mess at bay with a dustpan and brush and make washing up a little more interesting with patterned and colourful dish cloths. 


    1. Dustpan and brush - every household needs a dustpan and brush in their cleaning kit. At JYSK we have a few different varieties to choose from including your basic short handle brush and pan, a brush made from bamboo and a long handle telescope brush so you can sweep away without having to bend down. 
    2. Cleaning sponges and cloths - these cleaning items are used daily and can really take some wear and tear when doing the dishes, cleaning surfaces, wiping down the tabletop or even cleaning windows. At JYSK we've got plenty of choice when it comes to dish cloths, you could even categorise them for different uses. From your basic white cloths for general cleaning, to bright colour cloths in yellow, pink and blue. Colourful dish cloths are great for dedicating each colour to a certain type of cleaning around the home. We even have luxury sponges made from the flowering plant, Sisal. Or why not treat yourself to our textured dishcloths that give a more luxurious feel to your kitchen, display them by your sink. 
    3. Washing bag - these handy cleaning items are a must-have when it comes to doing the laundry. If you're washing your delicates with other clothing items, simply place them inside the zipper bag and protect them during the wash. Washing bags are also great for when washing shoes with laces. Remove the laces from the shoe or trainer and place them inside of the washing bag to avoid getting stuck in the washing machine and causing damage.


    1. Cleaning - You can stop buying cleaning solutions from the supermarket and get more eco-friendly with our re-usable spray bottles. Fill them up with a homemade cleaning solution and blitz your work surfaces.
    2. Clean your car  A handy tip is to keep a spray bottle in the boot of you car filled with windshield cleaner. It's perfect to help clean your car’s headlights, mirrors and windows whenever needed.
    3. Mist your house plants - Fill your spray bottle with water and use it to mist your house plants to keep them fresh.
    4. Laundry - A spray bottle can come in handy when ironing, fill it with water and spray your cloths before ironing. Alternatively, you can fill your spray bottled with stain remover and use that on garments to avoid drip marks. 
    5. Air freshener - Mix water with a few drops of any of your favourite essential oils and spritz away to refresh your home.