Choose the right parasol base

When you have chosen your parasol, it is time to choose a parasol base. A few thing are important: Make sure that the parasol base is heavy enough to hold the parasol stable. We know what the weather can be like in Ireland where one minute it is sunny and next there may be a gust of wind or rain. Therefore having a stable and well-secured parasol base is essential. You should also consider the size of the base. If you have chosen a balcony parasol, you can get a matching half a parasol base that is approx. half the size of a regular one. Finally, it is important to consider if you want to move the parasol around. In that case, it is a good idea if the base has wheels and a handle. At JYSK, you will find stable parasol bases in plastic, cement and granite that weigh up to 40 kg. Shop online or in your nearest JYSK store.