Garden parasols, sun shelters and parasol bases

Experience ultimate relaxation and sun protection with JYSK's collection of garden parasols and umbrellas. Keep your family shaded and shielded from the sun's rays during the spring and summer seasons by choosing from our diverse range of umbrellas and overhanging parasols available in various sizes and colors.

With JYSK's garden parasols and umbrellas, you can create a comfortable and protected environment for outdoor relaxation and gatherings, showers, our collection has you covered. Make sure to purchase a base for your parasol.

Garden parasols for outdoor living 

Complete your outdoor dining or lounge set with a stylish and protective garden parasol. A must-have for garden enthusiasts, a parasol umbrella offers the perfect solution for enjoying the outdoors while staying shaded by the intense midday sun and finding temporary shelter during passing showers. At JYSK, we offer two primary designs of parasols – the classic garden umbrella and overhanging styles – available in a range of sizes.

The classic garden umbrella is designed to be anchored through the center of a table with a sturdy base, ensuring stability even in breezy conditions. The canopy can be easily angled to create the desired shade. On the other hand, overhanging parasols provide greater versatility as they can be used with or without a table, allowing for more flexible placement in your outdoor space.

When to use a parasol? 

Garden parasols are great to use to block out the sunlight in the heat of the day, so you can remain sitting in the garden out of the harsh sunrays and light. It's important not to sit in the sun all day so a parasol is ideal to give yourself a little break throughout the day. If you've got little ones at home, setting up a parasol to create a shady spot for them to play safely outdoors is a great solution. As we all know, British weather is completely unpredictable and sometimes we can get a rain shower out of nowhere! Parasols will protect you from light rain while the shower passes. We do recommend that you take down your parasol when not in use to avoid any damage in windy conditions. 

What type of parasol should I buy? 

You can avoid the damaging UV radiation from the sun, but still be able to enjoy summer life on the patio or balcony if you use a parasol or a sun shelter. Which one should you choose, depends on the space that you have available and on other conditions on your balcony or patio? In this blog post, we guide you to the right decision.

For a small balcony or patio

A classic upright parasol is a great choice for a small patio or balcony. This kind of parasol has a straight pole out of metal or wood and comes in different colours and sizes. If your garden table has a hole in the middle, it is probably intended for an upright parasol that can cast a shade on the table and you and your family. Some upright parasols have a height-adjustable pole or even a tilting function. If your garden table does not have a parasol hole, a parasol with a tilting function is a good choice. When you tilt the parasol, it can cast a shadow from a distance and you can be in the shade all day long.

For larger patios and gardens

A hanging parasol is a great choice if you have a large patio. A hanging parasol takes up space, but can also provide shade for a large area. You can place it beside the garden table but still be covered directly from above when seated at the table. You can tilt it and turn it area and if the parasol base has a wheel you can easily move it around despite of its size.

Sun shelters

If you don’t have the need to move around the shade, but want it in the same place day after day, morning and afternoon, a sun shelter is a great choice. On top of that, the sun shelter doesn’t take up any space on the ground. You simply mount one side of the sun shelter on the house wall and make sure that you can tie the other side to a pole or a nearby tree. Some sun shelters have one and others have two strings to attach.

Choose the right parasol base 

When you have chosen your parasol, it is time to choose a parasol base. A few things are important: Make sure that the parasol base is heavy enough to hold the parasol stable. Also, consider the size of the base. If you have chosen a balcony parasol, you can get a matching parasol base that is approx. half the size of a regular one. Finally, it is important to consider if you want to move the parasol around. In that case, it is a good idea if the base has wheels and a handle.