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Return your items anytime

At JYSK, it's easy to return or exchange an item if you change your mind.

We provide a full refund without time limitation for items that are returned with proof of purchase. This applies for items bought in stores as well as online.

Please note:

- If you do not have proof of purchase, we offer you an exchange for another item or a credit voucher
- If you return an item that is damaged or used in a way which significantly reduces the value, we reserve the right to reduce the refund.
- Custom-made items such as fabrics, mattresses or wardrobes made to measure generally have a reduced return value.
- We refund the initial delivery cost. Costs for return delivery are covered by you

Conditions for the use of JYSK's extended right of cancellation and exchange service

The item must meet the following conditions:
  • The item must be in a good condition and in the original packaging
  • If possible, the packaging should be returned intact so that it can be reused
  • When trying out an item that may need to be returned, ensure that the value of the item is not reduced
  • It is a condition that the item can easily be reconditioned so that it can be sold as new
  • Furniture that is delivered unassembled must be returned with all parts intact and undamaged
  • For mattresses, we recommend that you try them out keeping the plastic cover on to ensure that the value of the item is not reduced
  • We offer a 100-day trial period for GOLD mattresses. Read more at try out a GOLD mattress.


How to return items purchased at or in our stores

In order to take advantage of the right of cancellation and exchange service, you must first ensure that the above conditions have been met.

For items that are available for sale online only, please contact JYSK Customer Service using this form.

You can then return your items in one of the following ways:

  1. Return the item directly to one of our many JYSK stores across the United Kingdom in order to avoid return delivery costs. Bring the item to a JYSK store in its original packaging. Remember to bring a printout/copy of your invoice
  2. Return the item directly to JYSK's Distribution Centre, along with a print-out/copy of the invoice. You will be responsible for all costs in connection with the return of the item
The item must be returned to:

JYSK Bolton
Bolton Gate Retail Park
Telephone: 03300 883818


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