Day and night blinds for the best of both worlds

Add a level of privacy to your home with an easy to install duo blind from JYSK. Standard roller blinds can be either completely closed or else can be rolled up. With duo blind you can let light in partially and at the same time be able to look out the window. At JYSK you will find white and black duo blinds in a range of different sizes all at great quality and affordable prices. Shop online or visit your local JYSK store to explore our range.

Easy to maintain and clean duo blinds 

The one thing about blinds is that they are real dust magnets however they are easy to clean and maintain. Make a habit of vacuuming your blinds, and use the soft brush on the nozzle. Our blind cleaner KOSTER with micro cloths is a great accessory for dusting the metal rails of duo roller blinds. The fabric sections can be easily spot-cleaned with a slightly damp cloth. Read our blog for simple and effective tips and tricks on how to wash and clean your window dressings.