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Lounge set in off-white and dark grey sun lounger all in quick-dry material

Rain-resistant lounge furniture

The summertime is all about outdoor living. We want to enjoy the outdoors with our friends and family and what better place than in a cosy and comfortable lounge set.

But the summer season is not all sunny days with a clear blue sky. There will inevitably be a little rain here and there. Make it easy for yourself and choose garden furniture with cushions in the quick-dry material.

Easy to maintain, great to sit in

JYSKs garden furniture within the quick-dry category can be left out in the rain for shorter periods and dries up in a few hours depending on wind and temperature. Easy for you to handle and maintain during the outdoor season.

Lounge set in dark grey and sun lounger all in quick-dry material

A lounge set has plenty of room for everybody and JYSKs lounge furniture come in different sizes and styles, so you can find the perfect match for your outdoor space.

Lounge set in dark grey and in quick-dry material

Within the quick-dry assortment, we have a wide selection of lounge sets BYMARKA, DYVIG, SALTEN and VONGE. In the VONGE series, you can this year get a sun lounger in the same quick-dry material.

Sun lounger in quick-dry material

The BRAVA garden chair also comes with a cushion in a quick-dry material.

Grey stacking chair with quick-dry cushions

DYVIG, BRAVA, SALTEN, BYMARKA and VONGE sun lounger will be available online and in stores from April 4th.

Garden cushions you can leave out in the rain

A little rain? No problem. The cushions consist of a special fabric resistant to rain and sun. The fabric has a rubber membrane that prevents water to seep inside the cushions. The fabric easily dries up within a short period of time.

Quick-dry lounge set in natural coloured wicker and off-white cushions

The quick-dry lounge furniture all have a contemporary design for relaxed outdoor lounging. If you like a softer look, then DYVIG could be a good match. With its natural coloured wicker and off-white cushions, it will give an elegant look to your patio.

Quick-dry lounge chair in natural coloured wicker and off-white cushions

The SALTEN lounge set includes a useful height-adjustable table with a smart up-and-down function that converts from coffee to dining table.

Black quick-dry lounge set with one sofa, 2 chairs, and height-adjustable table

Benefits of quick-dry garden furniture:

  • Leave outside for short rain showers
  • Dries up quickly
  • Great comfort
  • Minimalistic and modern design
  • Less time spend moving cushions in and out
  • More time for fun and ice cream

Fresh colours and nature-inspired prints can add a new twist to any outdoor setting. Style your new lounge set with planters, lanterns, cushions and throws, and create a perfect spot to relax in the summer sun.

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