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Switch off and relax in a hanging chair this summer

Make memories and relax

Sometimes you need to switch off and find a quiet space to replenish your energy - easier said than done in a world where we're all connected, all of the time! Escaping to the garden may be your best chance of snatching a few minutes of calm, away from the buzz of everyday life - but only if you plan for it.

Create your own oasis of tranquility - among the flowers or under the spreading branches of a tree - where you can mute the phone, breathe deeply and close your eyes without being disturbed. Make yourself comfortable. A hanging chair or hammock invites you to enjoy a gentle and relaxing sway as you take in the soft sounds of the garden. It may feel like an indulgence, but it's one you can enjoy every day.

If you're going to be spending time outside allow yourself to enjoy nature. Take the time to appreciate the fragrant scent of flowers and herbs - garden planters are ideal for growing your favourite sweet-scented flowers or aromatic herbs. Using garden planters means that you can move and place them around your garden where you can see, smell and enjoy them. 

As the sun starts to set around you, surround yourself with the warming glow of lanterns. The red and orange hues of the flickering candlelight will instantly create a calming, cosy atmosphere outdoors. Introduce a fire-pit or fire bowl to your outdoor space to enhance this relaxing atmosphere - let the heat of the fire warm your skin as you truly enjoy the moment in your outdoor haven.

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