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LED light tree outside home in winter

A guide to indoor and outdoor Christmas lights

As the days grow shorter and the nights longer, there is nothing quite like the enchanting glow of Christmas lighting to light up the darker months of the year. From soothing indoor lights that fill the home with a warm atmosphere to the magical charm of outdoor Christmas lights, these festive decorations have the power to transform any space and bring cosy joy and festive cheer into your home. Have a look through this guide where the benefits of each type of Christmas lighting is highlighted so you can be sure to make the right choice and let true holiday spirit embrace your home. 

Which Christmas lights should you choose?

There are many different types of Christmas lights and outdoor lights for wintertime, and they all have one thing in common: They illuminate your home and bathe it in cosy, warm light. Which kind of Christmas light you should choose naturally comes down to personal taste and suitability for the part of your home that you want lit and filled with cheerful joy.

Christmas lights include the following: 

Before deciding on the type of festive lighting you would like, it is important distinguish between indoor and outdoor Christmas lighting. Not all Christmas lights are made to withstand the outdoor elements, and not all are made to be lit indoors. Keep in mind to check if the lights are meant for outdoor use – if you are in doubt, you are always welcome to visit your local JYSK store and ask our staff for guidance. It is also notable that different types of Christmas lights naturally come with different benefits. Besides the most important aspect – choosing the type of light that is a perfect match with your home – there are other things that make certain types of lights more suitable than others. Learn more about this in the following sections. 

Outdoor lights for Christmas and wintertime 

Wonderful and versatile string lights are the unsung heroes of festive decorations for the holidays. Their flexibility allows them to fit anywhere, bringing a warm, inviting glow to any space whether on a tree in the garden or along the facade of your house. Cosy light trees are perfect for illuminating the outdoor spaces of your home. You can choose between different forms, heights, and expressions: Some types look like genuine trees while others have a more fantastical flair to them. LED light trees are a hassle-free option to outdoor lighting – by choosing a light tree, you can simply set it up and plug in the cord without having to climb a ladder and spend time carefully securing it as you would with a string of lights. 

Cosy string lights and decorative lighting

Indoor Christmas lights

When it comes to indoor lighting for Christmas time, there are many different options that are sure to put you in a cheerful and festive mood. From string lights glittering in gold – perfect for spreading joy around the Christmas table – to glowing Christmas stars and traditional candle arches – perfect for covering the cosy nooks of your home in warm, soothing light – there is something for every situation and every taste. To really ring in Christmas, be sure to spread your decorative Christmas lighting around the house – even if just a Christmas star in your living room window, a candle arch in the windowsill in your kitchen, or a small LED light tree on a sideboard in your hallway, small decorative lights like these make a big difference when it comes to bringing that heartwarming Christmas feeling into your home. 

Decorative string lights 

Illuminating Christmas decorations

What else should you consider about Christmas lighting? 

When it comes to indoor and outdoor Christmas lights, one thing to be aware of is the fact that they generally consume less energy than you might think – naturally, the energy consumption varies between different types of light and each individual product. To learn more, check out the store page for our lights where many of them list how much energy that specific light consumes over a 24-hour period. You are, as always, also welcome to ask our staff in your local JYSK store for more information and guidance about the energy consumption of our Christmas lights. 

The timer function means worry-free lighting

To further reduce the energy consumption of indoor and outdoor Christmas lights, many of our lights come with timer functions that allow you to turn on the lights for set periods of time that you decide. By doing this, you can enjoy your Christmas lights without worrying about forgetting to turn them off – making it easier on you as well as on your energy bill. 

Battery-operated Christmas lights

Some of our Christmas lights are battery operated rather than requiring a cord being plugged into an outlet. A major benefit of battery-operated Christmas lighting is that the lights are convenient, flexible, and easy to move around. Check out the store page for individual products to see whether they are battery operated or if they come with a cord. 

For more inspiration about decorating your home in true Christmas spirit, check out our blog post about Christmas decorations

Small LED light tree Christmas decoration
Large LED light tree illuminating house
Medium LED light tree Christmas decoration

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