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8 things you shouldn't store in your bathroom

8 things you shouldn't store in your bathroom

Have you ever stopped to consider if it's actually good for the things you keep in your bathroom to be there? If not, read on and find out what is best to keep and not to keep in your bathroom.

Learn what you shouldn't keep in your bathroom


You might want to spray on a dash of your favourite perfume right after a shower, but it's a bad idea to keep the expensive and nice smelling drops of fragrance in your bathroom. The varying temperatures can cause the fragrances to change. Instead, keep your perfumes and aftershaves on a shelf in the hallway or in the bedroom.


Most people have a medicine cabinet as a part of their bathroom storage. However, it isn't the best idea to store your medicine in the bathroom – most medicine needs to be stored in a dry and cool place, for example in a toiletry bag and in a drawer in your bedroom. Also make sure to store medicines out of children's reach.


Even though you might put on your makeup in your bathroom, storing your makeup in your bathroom is not good for either your makeup or your makeup brushes. The brushes tend not to tolerate moisture and fluctuating temperatures, therefore it is best to keep your makeup in your bedroom, near a nicely decorated dressing table and mirror. That way, your makeup and makeup brushes will last longer.

 Things you shouldn't store in your bathroom

Nail polish

Many people store their nail polish in the bathroom or in the fridge. However, both storage places aren't great and can ruin the nail polish. The coloured polishes are best stored in a cool, dry and dark place and therefore don't belong in your bathroom storage. Instead, store them in a basket that you can keep in your wardrobe or a drawer.


If you're used to storing your jewellery in the bathroom, you might want to consider moving it. The humid environment makes the jewellery oxidise faster, causing it to lose shine and colour. Instead, you should store them in a cool and dry room. A simple jewellery rack is a decorative touch outside from your bathroom storage solutions, and at the same time you will get a good overview of your jewellery.


Non-water-resistant electronics and cables do not belong in the bathroom. Even though the bathroom scale, hair dryer and electric shaver certainly seem to belong in your bathroom storage, it's not a good idea to permanently keep non-water-resistant electronics in a humid environment. Otherwise you'll risk your things breaking far quicker than if you had stored them in a dry place.

Razors and razorblades

It obviously makes sense to store razors and razorblades in the bathroom since this is the place that you will most likely use them. Unfortunately the steam from the shower and the high humidity effects the razorblades and can cause them to rust easily. Storing razors and razorblades in your bathroom is therefore not recommendable.


If you enjoy reading a book in your bathroom, you should remember to bring your book with you when you finish. Humidity and paper is not a good combination and books should be kept in a dry place. Furthermore, the books collect a lot of bacteria when they are kept in your bathroom storage. A bookshelf full of good books provides warmth and cosiness in, for example the living room or in the study.

If you have nowhere else to keep your items...  

If the items above can only be stored in your bathroom, it helps to then have them in a bathroom cabinet or drawer rather than having them face the open. The effects of the temperature can change in the bathroom, so do try to remove the above items when you can to make them last longer and more efficiently.

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