Clothes airers for everyday use

Clothes airers are ideal for drying your clothes indoors when the weather lets you down - they're also great for popping outside in the sunshine to speed up the job. Choose between different sizes in bamboo or steel and find one that fits your laundry. All our clothes airers are collapsible and can be easily folded away and stored when not in use. 

How to use your clothes airer

Getting the washing done can be a chore but is there a better smell than freshly washed clothes? When there's not enough room on the radiator for drying your shirts and other clothing a clothes airer or clothes horse is the solution. Place it in a warm, dry area or near your radiator to get your clothes dryer quicker. During the winter months when a clothesline just isn't an option, a clothes airer is - stay indoors and dry your clothes. When the sunshine graces us in the spring and summer months it's a great idea to take the clothes horse outdoors and let Mother Nature take care of the chore - all you have to do is hang up the clothes and put your feet up!